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Code compliance may be standardized but your service experience should be unique.

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Testing and Inspection

Keeping your property safe and compliant means staying on top of testing and inspection of your fire protection systems. At Encore, we’re all about making your life safer and easier, by staying on top of these ever-changing codes and regulations so you don’t have to.

Design & Code Consulting

Our design team combines years of experience with the latest industry research to provide you with a value-engineered plan that accounts for current code requirements, optimal system performance, structural restrictions, placement of other utilities, and your final building aesthetics.

New Construction

It’s never too late and it’s never too early to get us involved in your project. If you are building something new or renovating an existing structure, the fire protection equipment is arguably one of the most important systems you will install. You are also going to need extinguishers keeping your jobsite safe. Certified extinguishers are included with all estimates.

Parts & Smarts

As authorized distributors of the alarm industry’s top brands, we can act as an official sub-contractor for your project. Send us your approved plans and project details including a list of the equipment needed. We will review your list, order the parts, and send out our team of certified technicians to do the programming, testing, and submission of all requirement paperwork to certify compliance after your team has completed the install.

Service & Repair

If you’re still filing carbon copies of your test reports and receiving hand-written notes on deficiencies with quotes for repair, then your fire protection company is leaving you unintentionally exposed. With Encore, everything from your equipment’s diagnosis to your quote, and confirmation of repair is captured electronically. It’s made available to you in your dedicated online portal so you’re never left wondering what deficiencies have been fixed and which remain open.

System Upgrades & Replacement

Code changes, advancements in technology, changes to your building’s occupancy or hazard, and age are all factors that contribute to having to upgrade or replace an existing fire protection system. We do everything we can to help you maximize the useful life of your equipment by staying on top of your regular inspections and routine maintenance, When the time comes for replacement we can help you develop a plan that will minimize business interruption and maximize your protection without blowing your budget.

Emergency Service And Repair

Need a tech on-site now? Call 800-966-0000. During regular business hours you’ll be connected with our office; after-hours our emergency dispatcher will connect you with the licensed technician on call.